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Innovative Teaching Grants
Grant Applications will be accepted for the 2022 Fall Semester beginning August 1st.

Grant Application (online version)

NLRPEF Grant Information

I. Timeline
Grants will be awarded annually. Mini/Individual Grants will be awarded up to $500. Collaborative/Team Grants will be awarded up to $1000.
A. On Monday, August 1, 2022, the grant application and grant information will be posted on the North Little Rock Public Education Foundation website. (
B. Friday, September 16, 2022, is the deadline for submitting grant applications.
C. Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the grant recipient winners will be notified.
D. Friday, May 12, 2023, grant status reports will be submitted.

II. Grant Guidelines
A. Each person listed on a collaborative grant application MUST be involved in the development of the grant proposal.
B. If a grant proposal is funded, each person listed on the collaborative grant proposal MUST be involved in the implementation of the grant.
C. You will verify with the building principal that there are no other existing funds available for funding the proposed project before submitting the proposal.
D. Upon receiving your grant proposal, the building principal will be required to verify knowledge of your request via email initiated by the NLRPEF Team.
E. Applications must target innovative teaching techniques to improve academic achievement.

III. Application Process
A. All applications are to be submitted online. The application can be found by clicking on the connection at the top of this page.
B. Follow the directions and submit the completed application.
C. Any questions should be forwarded to the Foundation on the "Contact Us" page. They will be responded to as received.
D. Upon receiving a proposal the NLRPEF Team will email a copy of the grant to your building principal to complete the submission process.

IV. Grant Status Reports
A. Each grant that is funded MUST have a report submitted by May 12, 2023.
B. The report should include:
1. a description of how the grant accomplished its goals
2. an explanation of how the NLRPEF was recognized (stickers, acknowledgements, etc.)
3. receipts for all items purchased.
C. Grant winners are encouraged to include evidence of academic achievement through photos, student work, etc.
D. Any unspent funds should be returned to the NLRPEF.
E. Grant money will be used during the current school year.
F. Reports may be emailed to OR mailed to NLRPEF, POBox 95165, North Little Rock, AR 72190.

North Little Rock Public Education Foundation
Innovative Teaching Grant Recipients

Fall 2021

Amber Peck
Bilingual Book Library

Peggy Watson, Emily Peterson, & Angela Brazell
Teach Around the Room

Brittany Beshears and Donna Batte
Handchime Ensemble

Ruth Peterson
The Edible Schoolyard

Shanon Neumeier
Sublimation Station

Lisa Harrison
The Gift of Gab

Vicky Booth and Tammy Reeder
Each 1 Read 1

Evelyn James
Hand on the Earth

Melissa Maxson and Christy Duncan
Help our student succeed

Jamie Freyalderhoven, Kayci Hardnet, & Haley Colclasure
Sticker Super Store

Michael Klucher
Building to Scale!

Evelyn James, Tellisha Brown, Stacy Fulton, Silas Nellums, & Eboni Heaggans
Science is Lit!

Mindy Bassett and Jessica Cobb
Gowing Out of this World

Spring 2021

Peggy Watson, Larissa Robinson, and Megan Anthony
Equitable Technology Learning Made Fun

Amy Woodsmall and Adrienne Durham
Extra Hand Please

Leslie Stacy and Stefanie Arnold
This is Me

Courtney Hastings
Inquisitive Engineers

Claudia Moran and Ashley Hanan
Life-Size Peg Board

Ruth Peterson
Blooming Schoolyard

Angie Haustein
Visual Learning in a Digital World

Heather Theodore and Lindsey Harvey
Watch Our Garden Grow

Jamie Freyanldenhoven
Baskets Galore

Rachel Hritz and Meredith Shipman
Ear Buds for Our Buddies

Lisa Harrison
Creative Tech Spin with Blended Learners

Danniell Homan, Jess Anthony and Maribel Siems
I Like Big Books and I Can Not Lie

Nevaeh McFelson (EAST Student) and Stanley Whisnant
EAST for Elementary

Melissa Cannon and Marcia Dean
WIAT-4 for School Psychology Specialists

North Little Rock Public Education Foundation
Innovative Teaching Grant Recipients
Fall 2019

Melanie Holmes
Middle School Enrichment
North Little Rock Middle School 7&8 Campus

Kim Barton
College Visits
Boone Park Elementary

Heather Theodore
Quirkles - Exploring Science Through Phonics
Crestwood Elementary

Lisa Harrison
Collaborative Coding in the Creative Classroom
Ridge Road Elementary

Lori Hart
First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege
Crestwood Elementary

Ashley Richison
Books in Spanish
North Little Rock Middle School 7&8 Campus

Charity Tuberville and Sarah Harrell
Little Library for Little Learners
Glenview Elementary

Amanda Garlington, Bailey Abels and Marla Edwards - 4th Grade Teachers
Ecosystem Explorers
Lakewood Elementary

Nancy Simpson and Elena Reyes-Lovins
A Quest for Science
Lakewood and Amboy Elementary

Brittany Privett and Stephanie Orbona
STEAM Creations to the Max
Amboy Elementary

Patrick Thames, Alicia Weatherford, Wende D’Andrea, Gail Jones and Randy Box
Building Community by Making Musical Instruments with Kids
Meadow Park Elementary

OPreviously funded grantstis Banks
Taking out The Excuses
North Little Rock Academy

Previously funded grants

2012 innovative Teaching Grant Awards

Amboy Elementary
Elena Reyes Lovins - Wings Over Arkanasas $1,000

Park Hill Elementary
Amy Kelton - Teaching and Reteaching iPods $ 500
Debbie Kirk - Uncovering Hidden Voices and Talents $1,000

Seventh Street Elementary
Michelle Dorsey - Theatre Kids $1,000
Michelle Dorsey - Little Books for Little Hands $426
Pam Springer - Supplies for iPads $500
Jennifer Spriggs - Parent Academy $500

Lakewood Elementary
Cortney Sexton - Pictures Tell All - $500

Lynch Drive Elementary
Julie Drake - Literacy Camp $500

North Heights Elementary
Porscha Martin - Bridging the Gap Between School-Home Project $700
Lorie Solis - Fourth Grade Classroom Teacher $500
Kim Reeves - Learning with iPads: to improve Literacy and Math Skills $1,000

Indian Hills Elementary
Amanda Ware - Spelunking 101 $500

Pike View Elementary
Debbie Greenfield - Let the Show Begin $1,000

Redwood Early Childhood Center
Lauren Meeks - What did you do at school today? $1,000

Seventh Street Elementary & Glenview Elementary
Amy White - Musical Manipulatives $500

Boone Park Elementary
Missy Jaros - Cooking Month by Month $1,000
Lora Stogsdill - Books Big, Books Small, We Want Books! We Want Them All! $500

Cathy Lay - NLRSD Children's Choir - $1,000

West Campus
DeAnn Roach - iPads to promote independence in Physical Therapy in schools $500
Brenda Crews - Med Pro Health Buzz $1,000
Tammy Deatherage - Read180 Incentive Store $500
Stephany Barnette - iPad Apps to improve receptive language abilities $500
Brouke Reynolds - Collaborative work in the classroom (JAG) $1,000
Michael Klucher - If You Film It, They Will Come $1,000
Brenda Melvin - Increase Focused Learning with Technology $500
Stan Whisnant - Virtual/Augmented Reality Lab $500

Sophomore/West Campus
Shelle House - Pulling the Strings: Collaboration and Outreach…with Puppets $1,000

Sophomore/Freshman Campus
Christen Pitts/Shelle House - New Fad, Good Pad, We All Scream for iPAD! $1,000

Freshman Campus
Molly Banks - Spring Sing $500
Kathi Kite - Capturing the Moments! $1,000
Christen Pitts - Beyond the Barre $500

Ridgeroad Middle School
Tracy Childers - Achieving, Attaining and Accomplishing Arkansas History $535

2011 Innovative Teaching Grant Awards

West Campus
Donna Gosser - Sing, Sing, Sing - $500
Stephany Barnette - Using IPad to teach language Concepts - $500

East Campus
Christen Pitts - Beyond the Barre - $500
Mike Noland - Lights, CAMERA, Action! - $1,000
Todd Huff - Can I Buzz in Please? - $500
Molly Banks - Making Music Modern - $500
Majoice Thomas - Kindergarten Day! - $500
Todd Huff - Wildcat Supply Store - $1,000
Kathi Kite - Augmented Virtual Reality Education

Argenta Academy
Cynthia Bell - The New Argenta Times

Seventh Street
Donna Ripper - Literacy Theme Box - $1,000
Amy Woodsmall - iLearn with iPod - $1,000
Pam Springer - Science Fair - $1,000

Jennifer Kimbrell - Building 21st Century - $1,000

Park Hill
Debbie Greenfield - Music Integrating Literacy - $500

Redwood Early Childhood
LaCher Rockins - Let's Get Visual - $1,000

North Heights
Sheriann Lovelace-Chandler - NLR Children's Choir - $750
Mary Lou Ferguson - Math Wars - $757

Lynch Drive
Kay Adams - Quiz Bowl Tournament - $980

NLR School District
Maria Touchstone - ELL Parent Computer Institute - $1,000

2009-2010 Innovative Teaching Grant Awards

West Campus
Gwen Wiggins - Flip Over Learning - $994.00
Will provide Flip video cameras for video presentations for vocabulary, math concepts, Med Pro skills tests, adn more.

East Campus
Mills & Kite - Lead & Read - $1,000.00
Will provide for East Campus Key Club members and cheerleaders to purchase books that they can deliver and read to children in grades 1-4 while modeling good behavior.

Lakewood Middle
Shelley Jones - Playing in the dirt! - $1,000.00
Will provide for the construction and maintenance of a composting bin by 8th grade science students. Soil produced by the bin will be sold by the students in time for spring planting.

Rose City
Thomas Deeter - Podcast - $900.00
Students will develop, record, and report news related to their school and the surrounding community. The podcast will be available for download for classes, students, parents, and the community.

Dan Ellis - Sound Equipment - $500.00
Students will be offered more listening and analysis curriculum with the purchase of new sound equipment and good listening materials.

Raquell Barton - Audio Book Literacy - $500.00
High interest and low reading level audio books and paperback books will be used to help students increase literacy at their own pace and reading level.

Ridgeroad Middle
Jeanette Loftis - Parent Homework Help ESL - $486.00
Parents will be provided with a homework guide with key terms and illustrations in their home language, so they will be able to help their children with homework.

Kim Isgrig - Pharoah Exhibit - $495.00
Students will attend the Pharaohs exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center following a study of Egypt.

Indian Hills
Vandy Nash - 4th Grade Readers (Inclusion) - $500.00
Levelized books to support guided reading groups for students who are below grade level in reading.

Park Hill
Meredith Shipman - ESL books - $500.00
High interest, low level readers for ESL students in all classrooms.

Shirley Garlington - Books about different cultures - $700.00
A struggling and culturally diverse population of readers will be provided texts to capture their interests and learn new reading strategies.

Boone Park
Lora Stogsdill - Linking Literacy - $500.00
Will use a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts to link Reading Recovery to the classroom.

Meadow Park
Sanders/Runnells - Black Stallion Literacy Project - $478.00
A comprehensive curriculum that involves reading, art, social studies, writing, and music. It culminates with a field trip to the Arabian Nights performance.

Crystal Wood - How and Why - $490.04
Features captivating photography and easy to read text to provide a first hand look at nature. Will be used to develop research skills and expand vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Jill Murdock - Chicks in the Classroom - $563.99
Students in a kindergarten class will hatch a dozen chicks will learning about life cycles, the basic needs of animals, parents and offspring, and characteristics of living things.

K Teachers - It's in the Bag - $500.00
Take home book bags for students will include a book, teaching ideas, a puppet, stuffed animal, or other story prompt to encourage reading in early learners.

Mauri Douglass - Argenta Express - $447.50
Students will create a book about North Little Rock history. Copies of the finished product will be provided to every elementary school in the district.

Ware/Bennett - Unwrapping Treasures of Egypt - $1,000.00
After a trip to view the World of the Pharaohs at the Arkansas Arts Center, the students will spend time researching how ancient Egyptians lived, their culture, religious beliefs, and their kings. A museum will be presented to the schools showcasing what they have learned.

Pike View
Debbie Greenfield - Teaching Creatively with Glockenspiel - $497.55
Glockenspiel instruments will be used to provide a multicultural, cross-curricular approach to music education.

2008 - 2009 School Year
Pike View Elementary - The Need to Read
Awarded $1,000.00
Amy Somers

Seventh Street Elementary - Literacy for a Lifetime
Awarded $1,000.00
Amy Woodsmall

West Campus - After School Open Studio
Awarded $1,000.00
Barbara Rhodes

Spring 2008
Lakewood Middle School - Underground Railroad Quilt Project
Awarded $500.00
Staff: Angela Cooley

Lynch Drive Elementary - Black Stallion Literacy Project
Awarded $500.00
Staff: Deborah Lutz

Lynch Drive Elementary - How & Why (Science)
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff: Chasity Nutz

Glenview Elementary - Experiencing Black History
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff : Angela Govan

Belwood Elementary - Decreasing the Summer Reading Loss
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff: Anita Pride

Indian Hills Elementary - Developing Fluent Readers
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff: Sandra Parker

Fall 2007

East Campus - "Strength in Numbers:Central Arkansas District Foreign Language Festival"
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff: Majoice Thomas

East Campus - "Bridging the Gap to Foreign Language Learning through Early Experience"
Awarded $490.40
Staff: Majoice Thomas

Argenta Academy - "Alternative Learning Environments and Career/Vocational Focus"
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff: Stacy Cochran

Pike View - "Science and Literacy, Hand in Hand"
Awarded $ 987.51
Staff: Rhonda DeVore

Lynch Drive - "Early Explorers"
Awarded $ 977.90
Staff: Crystal Wood"
Meadow Park - "Early Explorers"
Awarded $ 977.90
Staff: Bettie Davis

Lakewood - "Look Once - Look Again"
Awarded $970.04
Staff: Jennifer Coleman

Fall 2006

NLRHS East Campus - "Act as if..."
Awarded $1500.00
Staff: Prisca Selhorst
Principal: Lee Tackett

"Act as if..." anything is possible and it is.
"Act as if..." is a program designed to expose students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds (with and emphasis on lower-economic and minority students) to a broad spectrum of cultural, artistic traditions while exploring contemporary social issues. These opportunities will help guide each participant to discover his/her own worth and potential in society. Through disciplined artistic expression, students can awaken to the excitement of learning.

NLRHS East Campus - Heifer Ranch: A Global Gateway to Creating World Class Students
Awarded $750.00
Staff: Majoice Thomas
Principal: Lee Tackett

Approximately 30 Spanish II students and six chaperones spend 24 hours in a global village at Heifer Ranch to experience the realities of life for many of our world populations. Students and chaperones "live" in the Global Village, taking on the lifestyle, living conditions, and cultural identity of the community to which they are assigned. Villagers engage as a group in a series of initiative games designed to develop their communication and problem-solving skills, prepare their own dinner and breakfast, and participate in the daily chores similar to those of the people who live in the country or continent represented.

NLRHS West Campus - Leaning Lab/Resource English Reading Grant
Awarded $1500.00
Staff: Tammy Deatherage, Lou Ann Howell, Sandi Lasley, Susan McSpadden, Terry French, Shari McGehee, and incoming Special Education Staff.
Principal: Greg Thompson

High interest and low reading level books are used to help increase student literacy. Recorded books and audio equipment will also be purchased. Assessment results of low reading students suggest one way to improve student reading levels is to listen to others read. By using recorded books, students can improve reading skills at their own pace and reading levels. Having access to these materials in the classroom and at home is essential for literacy improvement. Parents are invited to participate in their child's learning process by allowing students to check out materials to take home.

December 2006

NLRHS - East Campus - Salute to African American Writers
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff: Majoice Thomas, Ozetta Johnson, and Sherah Warnock
Principal: Lee Tackett

This will allow students to participate in the International Reading Association's (IRA) African American Read-in-Chain event in conjunction with Black History Month in February to promote literacy using young adult literature written by African American writers. The event established in 1989 by the IRA will provide materials, directions, and supervision to create and produce a literary "piece" in the form of a quilt, and to let students experience the lost art of storytelling. This would be done at a culminating event led by highly recognized Arkansas African American storyteller, Dr. Gwendolyn Twillie. She will engage the students in the art of storytelling.

Belwood Elementary - Bridging the Summer Reading Gap
Awarded $1,000.00
Staff: Anita Pride and Becky Bailey
Principal: Cynthia Melton

The goal is to provide each Belwood Elementary student with books to read over the summer to bridge the summer reading gap. Books that are self-selected matching their interests and skill levels.

Lynch Drive Elementary - Quiz Bowl
Awarded $ 489.00
Staff: Kay Adams
Principal: Loretta Hassell

To start a 5th grade Quiz Bowl team to meet the needs of intellectual and academically gifted and talented students and other high achieving students. The students would gain leadership skills, team building skills, critical thinking skills, and learn to think on their feet. The majority of the students are economically disadvantaged.

Indian Hills Elementary - Increasing the Fluency of Students
Awarded $850.00
Staff: Laura Ralston & Natalee McGill
Principal: Sheryll Smith

Research shows that fluency practice increases the rate at which words are read, the accuracy of words read, and the expression used when reading. Comprehension is increased when these areas are strengthened. Quick Reads is a program that builds fluency skills. It is a five-day non-fiction, content-based program, containing five different reading passages and comprehension questions per week.

Seventh Street Elementary - Lunchtime Mentoring and Book Club
Awarded $480.00
Staff: Michelle Holt, Media Specialist
Principal: Pam Wilcox

To form a weekly book club to meet at lunchtime where young female students gather to read together, learn social skills, and share friendships in a small group format.

Pike View Elementary - Crawling to the ABC's
Awarded $339.25
Staff: Carolyn Whiteside
Principal: Diane Crites

To be used for the purchase of the ABC Pathways mat developed by Jean Blaydes Madigan, a neurokinesiologist. When a student walks or crawls on the ABC Pathways mat in specific patterns, the brain's ability to encode symbols is increased. Students struggling in letter recognition and handwriting show marked improvements.

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